Centre for Transport Safety and Vehicle Diagnostics

We are pleased to inform that in December 2015 the implementation of the project "Construction of the Centre for Transport Safety and Vehicle Diagnostics" nr UDA-POIG.05.01.00-00-139/11-00 the measure 5.1 IE OP "Support for development of co-operative relations of supra-regional importance" under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme was completed.  
Polish Agency of Enterprise Development's letter on the 10th of May 2016 finally settled the project. 


On the initiative of the Industry Automotive Institute the Cooperation Agreement was established with the aim to construct and build the Centre for Transport Safety and Vehicle Diagnostics.

This cluster is connected with the implementation of EU Directives on the testing and type approval of vehicles (2010/48/EU, 2007/46/EC) in the Polish law.

Cluster range of activities is consistent with the EU objectives defined in the Road Safety Programme for 2011 ÷ 2020, according to which a number of initiatives are to be undertaken on both the Polish and European level to improve the safety of vehicle construction and road infrastructure and thus to reduce the number of deaths in road accidents.


This cluster main objectives are:

  • Strengthening cooperation between members of the cluster and more efficient use of resources;
  • Development of the automotive industry sector in the region;
  • Sustainable cluster development;
  • Development and strengthening of economic potential of enterprises;
  • Ensuring the cluster members access to modern research infrastructure;
  • Support for the implementation of new products and technologies;
  • Launching of innovative products and technologies;
  • Improvement of Road Safety;
  • Research products with compliance with the international standards;
  • Concentrating Polish research and development works concerning the safety of transport facilities;
  • Raising the innovativeness of technological solutions of the automotive products dedicated to the safety of transport facilities;
  • Providing a wide range of innovative training services;
  • Conducting educational and prevention activities in the field of road traffic safety.


Cluster Council


  • Andrzej Muszyński (PIMOT)


  • Leszek Turek (PISKP)
  • Zygmunt Fabisiak (AMZ Kutno)
  • Marcin  Jankowski (OKB Jankowski, Goliński Sp.j.)
  • Stanisław Radkowski (Politechnika Warszawska, Wydz. SIMR).








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